Online Scholarships

Scholarships and grants play a vital role nowadays, considering the increasingly struggling and diminishing financial and economic conditions felt worldwide from staggering unemployment rates to left and right price hikes. Scholarships serve as a dynamic and efficient financial aid and tool that helps a student excel throughout his/her studies and eventually graduate from their chosen course and career path. And since education is crucial to harness better career opportunities and advancements as well as better income rates, scholarships become an imperative means and tool in today’s competitive industry.

So how does one go about finding scholarship programs and organizations that offer them? Finding scholarships and grants is definitely easy, however, the procedures and processes that follow is not as simple and easy as registering and signing up for an account in YouTube or Facebook. When approached unwisely and hastily, one may not be able to pass an organization or agency’s requirements or may not receive the optimal amount that they could have been receiving during their college education. Preferably, the first step to take is to make yourself aware of what scholarships are, how it works, different types of scholarships and pretty much all the basics associated with this tool. Below are some of the basics that you should know about scholarship programs before you even consider calling any local organization or contacting international agencies through their site.

What are Scholarships?

A scholarship is defined as an award of financial support from the government to students who have no means of continuing their college education but is committed to do so if given the chance. Scholarships are awarded on several criteria that typically reflect the functions and values of the donor or the founder of the scholarship or grant.

Types of Scholarships

Merit-based scholarship is one of the most common types of awards issued, which is primarily based from the applicant’s academic, artistic and athletic standings. Moreover, this type of scholarship is also contributed by other elements like the extracurricular activities and community service accounts.

Need-based scholarships are another common form of scholarship grants. In the US, these awards are mainly dependent on the applicant and family’s financial statements and accounts and will usually necessitate the applicant to fill and complete an FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is one of the requirements to put you through the next process of the request and qualify you for a scholarship.

Privatized need-based scholarships will commonly require the outcomes of the FAFSA, which formulates an applicant’s financial necessities within a blueprint looking at the anticipated family contribution as well as the cost of attending the individual’s chosen college or educational facility.

Career-specific scholarships, on the other hand, are awarded to applicants by a particular university or college. The specific field of study that the student desires to pursue will also be taken into account. Oftentimes, the highest awards are given to applicants who are taking courses and career prospects in needy areas including education and nursing. In the US, there is a continuously increasing demand for nurses as well as teachers. Thus, students pursuing the course appear more likable for this type of scholarship grant from several schools and colleges.

Online Scholarships Application

Applying for scholarship grants has now become more convenient and efficient due to the rise of online-based applications. Finding and applying for scholarships through the internet can begin from the use of one of the many free scholarship search engines online. When you apply for an account from any of these free services, you will be requested to fill out and accomplish a student profile comprising of your previous education, intended course to take, group memberships, awards, and test scores that you’ve amassed from your primary and secondary schooling. Basing the answers and information you’ve provided in your account profile, the website system will redirect you to award scholarships and contests that you are qualified to apply.

Next step is to consider which scholarships and awards you should apply for. Remember, just because you are qualified for a particular scholarship or award, it doesn’t mean that it is the best one that suits your individual needs and circumstances.

Lastly, review and compare the sponsor’s requirements for the award and scholarship you’ve chosen. Make a checklist of each part and category of the application. Take note of each and every essay question, required letter and required transcript that the organization and sponsor necessitates of you. Then, complete the application and submit it. Usually, the response time may range from as short as a day to as long as a week or so.